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“Life cracked like ice!”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald ―

All photos today were taken courtesy of my mobile phone (and HTC Desire HD) and I’m actually REALLY pleased with how they turned out! As you’ll see from some of them…the temperature was incredibly low which meant my hands were shaking like crazy and I never had a chance to selective focus on what I was taking – here goes!

The temperature this morning started out at -5.5 degrees centigrade and this was the reading on my car once I had defrosted it and was setting off down the road. The engine was warm – it was ready to go – and still the temperature was the lowest I have ever seen it with my own eyes. But…

One minute later as I got on the road and dropped down into the valley – it got increasingly lower! As I was heading down the Motorway to work at one point it hit -7. Unfortunately it wasn’t safe to take a picture by then though. At 9:30am I arrived at the office and left my car with a temperature reading of -4 degrees. And it felt that cold too.

By the time my meetings were over and I came back out the car had finished thawing out slightly. But the temperature hadn’t! By midday the dial hadn’t crept beyond -1.5 degrees. These are some serious temperatures for us in the UK – or at least for where I am situated on the South Coast. We’re usually famed for being warm when everyone else is buried under snow!

By two pm emails were dropping into all the company Blackberrys from the chief executive warning us that the weather was severe…I guess she imagines that we’re all cosy inside and not bothering to go to work because it sure was obvious how freezing it is out there! With snow warnings imminent offices closed early and people headed home to bed down for the weekend. The supermarkets and petrol stations were heaving with people, more so than usual on a Friday afternoon.

So, as I mentioned before – pics were taken with cold hands and a mobile phone and they aren’t very varied – but they are incredibly topical for today! I hope everyone has a warm weekend wherever you are.

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