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“Change the word can’t into will. It will change your life”

One of our ‘values’ at work is to have a ‘Can Do’ Approach to everything we come across. During inductions back in August last year training schemes drilled that home time and time again so that by the end of the week you could mutter the five core values of the company backwards in your sleep. It’s an annoying value at the best of times, because the minute you go to tell somebody that something isn’t possible it trips you up in the back of your mind and you end falling over your own words and choking back the can’t until it’s completely forgotten.

Okay that sounds a bit graphic, but sometimes it is how it works! Of course, the values all make sense and the motto of No such word as can’t does ring true a lot of the time when you just have to go that extra mile to get something done. But the quote today reminded me that changing the word can’t into ‘will’ is actually quite useful sometimes. Other times it can get you into trouble of course.

After a whole day of ups and downs at work – positive meetings, in between meetings and then meetings that didn’t even happen – I was feeling a bit of can and mostly a lot of can’t be bothered. I got home after the sun had disappeared (that’s a little white lie actually it’s just very cloudy today) and I couldn’t for the life of me think what I could photograph. Then I saw the crocus’s in the garden. In the past week they’ve shot up despite Buddy constantly sitting on them because he likes to lie down in the flowerbeds.

So I snapped away for a bit which leads to an apology for a rather half hearted attempt at photos. I do try and make them interesting where possible I promise! Ultimately it’s Day Fifty Nine – this challenge has been going on for two months and work is getting busier. The math doesn’t add up in my favour!

Hopefully this weekend will bring the sunshine again and I’ll be off out to some new and exciting places for some different and less mundane shots! For now though, enjoy the shots of the garden I managed to get before the sun went down completely.

And then when the sun did go down…

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