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“Dogs are great. Bad dogs, if you can really call them that, are perhaps the greatest of all!”

– John Grogan (Marley & Me)

Wow – it’s not quite a hundred but it’s way more than fifty! Today marks ninety days since harassing you good people with a daily blog and photographs. And to give you your due, most have stuck with it! So thank you very much. Ninety days also marks a landmark amount of followers – since beginning the blog I had a couple of loyal subscribers but I’ve now topped the hundred mark – thank you again!

In celebration of ninety days I would have perhaps attempted to achieve something awesome by way of photography. But honestly my day was spent helping out my parents to de-clutter the house. With all the building work going on we’ve landed ourselves two bookcases full of books to house, lots of other bits and pieces and a lot of dust. The dust just keeps coming. The polish has been used everyday for about two weeks. Amazing.

So yes – today was spent doing that and around 4pm I realised I’d not photographed a single thing. Awful. So I grabbed the camera and stalked Buddy & Star whilst they ate their dinner. Now Star is a lady, she eats her dinner on the bottom step outside (when it’s not raining which lately it never has) and chews nicely and quietly. Buddy stands on the top step with his bowl and crunches his biscuits so loud you can hear him from inside. He also looks around whilst he’s eating which means he often sprays crumbs down the steps onto Star. Teehee!

Being a greedy doggy Buddy always finishes first. He still hasn’t learnt to eat slowly. This obviously could be signs of his born free days when he had to fight for food (possibly!) unless he sat down to a three course Lady & the Tramp style meal over in Ireland. Which is entirely possible…

Once Buddy finishes he runs to the top of the garden and stands watching Star from afar. He plans this bit carefully, often using the bushes and bits of shrubbery as cover as he stealth walks down the slope towards her bowl.


Star always leaves biscuits in the bottom of her bowl and if Buddy takes little notice of it when she walks away – he can pounce on them and polish them off. However if she knows he’s watching, she’ll walk away slowly and the minute he goes for her bowl she’ll turn around and plough her way back to it. This of course scares Buddy, who has every inch of respect possible for the old lady. He backs off and watches from a distance again – this time as she eats every last bit of biscuit that she never intended to eat until that moment. She also looks around at him regularly – chewing right in front of his face. Teehee!!!


Once she’s finished every bit that she really intended to leave she wanders on up the Garden – which Buddy thinks is great. He translates it as meaning play time and starts to play fight…

It looks quite viscous – it’s really not. Both tails were wagging happily throughout the whole exchange but Buddy and Star’s teeth pulled back into the most terrifying of sneers!

Buddy invariably looses, with Star striking fear into him with her ladylike dog smile and he eventually turns tail and goes back inside. But the whole thing wears both of them out and is quite amusing to watch – they never bite, just seemingly dance!

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“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.”
― Chuck Palahniuk

I didn’t really have the chance to photograph anything else today other than have a brief wander around the garden and see what I could find. More Blossom. But it never gets boring to me, it’s such a beautiful flower.

There was a bit of Buddy too – when is there not? He loves the warmer days because it means the doors are flung open and he gets to do his own form of gardening…

Which involves attempting to either lick the plants, or consume them. Today we have removed bits of brick, lumps of wood, plastic, a dish cloth and a bit of wire from inside his mouth. That’s the unfortunate trouble with having building work going on and an inquisitive dog.

The Petrol ‘crisis’ as it has been termed has begun to die down. A couple of fuel stations had none of the cheap unleaded left so people were resorting to the higher quality more expensive stuff, but the prices have dropped at least 2 – 3 pence since yesterday – which is a bit frustrating for many I’m sure, and the queues are getting smaller.

The weekend will bring hopefully a bit more of the warm weather and the chance for me to get out with the camera and/or get on with studying for my next Law assignment! Exciting stuff…

The last of the sunshine seems to be disappearing and it’s become quite hazy outside. It’s still warm though which is nice.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend – in the UK at least it’s the last weekend before the rush of Bank Holiday next week! I have a lovely blissful four days off – can’t wait!

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