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“Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”
― Mark Twain ―

Winter is well and truly here in the UK this week, with temperatures in some places dropping as low as -10 celcius (and for us that is cold!) and snow forecast all over the place for this coming weekend. When I ventured out for work this morning I was pleased to see that there was no frost on the ground so it didn’t look that cold outside. Boy was I mistaken. As I got on the road I switched the windscreen wipers on to clear the dusty window and the liquid covered the glass within seconds and it became a sheet of ice.

Meetings were cancelled due to attendee illness so I really didn’t have to spend much time outside. I got on with lots of bits and pieces this morning and headed out onto the meadow with the dogs as the sun was going down late this afternoon. I spent some time looking hard for pretty shots and I was quite pleased with the end result really.

In terms of Photography and indeed the weather, Winter is probably one of my favourite seasons. I love the fact that bits of plants and trees that we would dismiss as being dead and boring actually can look just as interesting if not better in the cool blue tinged wintery sunlight. I played around for a bit today capturing the bokeh light effect in water ripples and did try with this beautiful plant but unfortunately it wasn’t as successful as I had hoped!

The ground was frozen solid on the land and there was frost still in the shady parts. The temperature on the car read +3 degrees but the windchill was well below freezing. In the house we’ve had a log fire roaring most of the day and the heating on. Being on a hill overlooking a valley we tend to get the wind pushing at the front of the house and it’s nice to be cosy whilst working!

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