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“True lovers never first time meet.

They are inside each other from the start.”

― Kathryn Dawson ―

We go through life measuring up the qualities of love against that one experience in the past, or that line in a movie – or the lyrics of a song. Today, this century is full of different ways and definitions of expressing love and there are so many that when two people find the same one – when two people measure their love in the same ways – it’s almost magical, in a sense.

I’ve known people – and still do know people – that measure love by the amount of materialistic things they can surround themselves with. There are others who perceive romantic love to be something that more than two people can share at any given time. There are some who consider love to be the living together, the marriage and the everyday experiences whilst sex and physical intimacy can be carried out with any number of other people. Sometimes openly. More often, not.

It’s funny how we perceive that relationship to have been true love until this one comes along. Love is measured, ultimately, by how good he or she made you feel. If it was better than the last – then surely that could not have been love. Love is only as good as the present dictates it to be?

I think the notion that I’ve always had that others have disagreed with is that Love doesn’t end with I love You. There is so much more to learn, do and figure out.   If you had asked me when I was eighteen years old and in my first serious relationship if I was in Love I would have said yes without hesitation. Now though, well, I wouldn’t even consider it. Over the years the definitions of love, and the things that people in love do have wavered and changed dramatically. I suppose in a way, love has grown and changed with the years.

My images today are of course Love related – I had to stick to the theme! It’s the first opportunity I’ve had this year so far to photograph according to a specific ‘theme’ and I’m making the most of it. Todays shoot included the following:

  • Camera plus various lens including a macro
  • Tonic Water
  • A Tall Glass
  • An item of jewellery
  • A hot chocolate whisker (not as in cat whisker…whisky whisker!)
  • A Butter Dish

The butter dish was actually vital to achieve the shots that I did – here is why…

After a while of fiddling around with the necklace wedged under the dish I realised that I could simply loop it over the small handle on the lid. Genius! The rest, as they say, is history. I achieved this shot once before with minimal planning and preparation. In fact I just dropped the necklace in a glass of lemonade one day – as if on a whim! Most of my photographical ideas come from highly random places. Before though, I used the soft hues of a rose to create the background. It worked well.

It was my Mother who came up with the genius whisking plan. We have a tiny little whisker that makes hot chocolates frothy and ‘proper.’ She dropped that in, allowed it to spin and after a few false starts with it hooking around the necklace in a menacing way – we were off!

The colours and the motion achieved are actually far better than I was hoping for. I finished the pictures for the blog with a tiny bit of pride that I had bettered my last attempts at this! Just a tiny bit!

Happy Valentines Day!

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