“It’s the hour when night breaks away from the day…”
― Jean Genet

It could just be a coincidence, but I managed to witness a beautiful sunrise in the new house this morning and I’ve only ever woken up a bit too late to capture anything decent before! Sunrises happen super fast but I hung out of the office window snapping away to capture a few images here and there. I’m not sure if houses will be built in the future to block our view – fingers crossed they won’t be!

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“Change is never easy. You fight to hold on, you fight to let go.”

Well this evening was truly eventful! We planned to have a nice relaxing evening choosing blinds for the house at our leisure when actually we had all the lights turned off, the doors flung open and the windows too because British Gas told us to! Apologies to the blind man who had to walk through the house in darkness measuring up and making quotes. Turns out there is no gas escaping and the 13,000 ish we thought our meter had gone up to was actually just 13. Doesn’t hurt to check though does it!



In the middle of all that, a random milkman turned up to ask if we wanted to buy milk. I told you, eventful! I took a few stormy shots earlier and then some cosy shots to count for today’s blog so whilst they aren’t all that interesting they’re the first evening shots taken at the new place since a while!

Work is also eventful with the move to the new offices undertaken today. I was so happy to see that we have panoramic views over a local park which will look absolutely beautiful in the Autumn – in fact we photographed a wedding there a few weeks ago and still have the photos to share soon! Talking of weddings though, there are many photos to work my way through that have sort of been put aside lately amidst the move so blogging shall cease and editing shall commence…


Oh and the new addition to the owl family is a case that I found for an amazing price (and student discount which I still only just get!) in Paperchase. It snuggly holds my macbook and ipad – very handy for travelling around between the various homes I am now a part of!



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