“It still feels weird to spend money on Christmas trees. Back when Mom was alive, we’d go out “tree hunting.” That’s what she called it, anyway. I think other people might use the word “trespassing.”
― Jenny Han, Fire with Fire

Today marked the day when I got the closest ever to breaking the 365 challenge! However I made it – just – and photographed some bits on the Christmas tree! The day was taken up with work, the work christmas meal and then venturing to our neighbours who kept us occupied until way beyond blogging time (which we didn’t mind!) and so therefore the photos are a little last minute (as usual) but with fifty minutes to spare it’s okay…

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Day 351: Cosy Fires

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”
― Anthony Brandt

Dinner at the parents with the family involved Maisy going for a little detour down a dark stormy path without permission – but we soon found her! The fire was lit and it actually started to feel christmassy again – with temperatures of 13 degrees it’s positively tropical outside!

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