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“There are always two people in every picture; The photographer and the viewer…”

– Ansel Adams

The first and most important thing to say, is that a Book of Quotations is an awesome thing and the index is even more so. For my Birthday a few weeks ago (which was also awesome), I was treated to the Oxford Book of Quotations. It may sound tedious but for someone who is inspired by quotes, quotes quotes, and writes quotes at the top of all blog entries – it is just a fantastic thing. I never realised until now how much I appreciated a good Index! And just look at those A.A Milne quotes just waiting to be quoted…

So on to the blog!  I spent the weekend on the Isle of Wight which was absolutely fabulous – those photos will follow soon as I need to wade through them. But prepare to be chilled by the Sunset and inspired by the blue skies because it was beautiful over there and we were so lucky with the weather. For now though, tonight we wandered up to the Woods. We’re incredibly lucky to have them right on our doorstep and even more so that they are practically unspoiled.

No-one disturbed us as we coaxed and persuaded Maisy to pose…she takes a lot of persuading these days as she finds the outside world much more interesting than the lens of a camera! But pose she did, of sorts anyway. It took some tennis ball bribery.

The pictures don’t capture the smell of the yellow fields (hayfever inducing) and the scent of the bluebells covering the Forest floor, you’ll just have to imagine those.

This evening was also the first chance that I got to capture the mythical flying dog on camera…she does exist! It looks even weirder frozen on camera than it does in person, who knew that dogs feet disappeared completely when they ran!

Stay posted – more photos will follow later this week and Wedding season kicks in again on Saturday which will keep us busy once more!

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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir

The weather stayed nice (but cold) for most of the day so we decided to take Buddy and head to our traditional Autumn photography spot – Savernake Forest.

14 13 12

It didn’t disappoint! Having waited a bit longer before visiting this year, the trees were more orange and the colours more vibrant. It’s not too far away but was worth the drive.

11 7 6

Buddy seemed to enjoy it too and even went with the tradition of climbing on a log so we could photograph him (he’s very patient!) On the other side of the world, it’s my Mum’s birthday today – and I’m sure she’ll appreciate seeing some photos of Buddy from afar – Happy Birthday Mum!

5 4

No firework photos today, whilst it is the 5th of November, the displays aren’t really planned until the weekend. Hopefully i’ll grab some shots then!

3 2

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