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“I discovered windows one afternoon and after that, nothing was ever the same.”
― Anne Spollen

The world didn’t end, as predicted, so the blog goes on! I used the window again, for today’s shots. Terrible I know! But I had an early lunch break from working (last day of work for the year!) and decided to quickly snap some bits and pieces before I got stuck back into it.


I was up extra early this morning, to torture myself by going to the gym and then help with the preparations for this evenings Christmas meal. We wrapped presents, cleaned the house and organised dinner all by 9am! Last night saw us visiting the supermarket – best time of day to go – nine pm!


So anyway, the window arrangement has got more Christmassy since last time I photographed some reflections. I’ve been meaning to capture some fir cones for ages – literally capture them! Is it just me or were there lots more around in the woods and so on when we were younger? I haven’t found any ‘real’ ones! If you have fir cones…send them my way!


And we even have a self portrait today – which is incredibly rare and has never happened in the history of this 365 blog! But I inadvertently captured myself in the reflection, so I got a bit artsy and decided to keep it!


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