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‘Tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes!’
~William Wordsworth

I have to say, I am quite chuffed with today’s shots (Chuffed means pleased, Americans, check out more of our British slang here!) Mainly because the photographs were just taken with my iPhone but also because I found a white poppy field! White! I’ve never seen one before. Technically my Dad found it and told me about it, and actually I was driving straight past for work so I took the opportunity to shoot – it was beautiful. More beautiful than the photographs can ever show.





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“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.”
― Anne Sexton

More water! Readers, you shouldn’t even pretend to be surprised anymore. But I made the most of my trek to Winchester today to snap some of the floods along the way. It’s a great use of a lunch break! Much of Winchester is battling the floods, especially in the town centre and the main route in. Pumps are working around the clock to try and clear things up a bit.



So we had a day of sunshine. It was refreshing, almost like a Summers day. Fruit and Salad for lunch even felt natural for once!  It was beautiful. I had to go down to the meadow to take a few snaps of the reflection in the water. I love that the evenings are lighter and I can finish work and still get a couple of minutes of daylight.




So there we have it, an almost Summer day. As I write this (it’s 18:20), the hailstones are just tapping on the window and snow warnings are in force for tomorrow. Ah well, 8 hours of sunshine is better than none!

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