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“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”
― G.K. Chesterton

This weekend has given us the strangest weather – beautiful mornings or beautiful evenings but the rest of the time it just rains! We made the most of it though and went on two fairly long walks to explore the local area. They were both rather odd. We live on the edge of a beautiful Forest but given that we’re on a ‘new build’ estate the owners have very much got ahead of the game and secured most of the private aspects of the land.


We therefore have to drive a little way down the road to get to a public right of way because the roads are too dangerous to walk Maisy along. Both walks that we did this weekend we ended up getting nearer to home than the car!


The first was Saturday evening and we got a glimpse of some Deer and Hares playing in the fields and forest since it was so quiet. Maisy enjoyed herself having her first long walk since getting a poorly paw at the beginning of the month.

3 copy 5

The second walk today was across a few hours although we only covered four miles or so. We walked across country and then surprisingly found ourselves at a petrol station on the edge of a dual carriageway. Some climbing was needed to get to the paths that would take us safely back into the Forest!

4 6

We walked past a piggery (which smell delightful although William disagrees!) and walked for around an hour through the forest, coming out at a layby on the edge of the very same dual carriageway that we were on before, half a mile from the petrol station. It was a momentous time. Eventually we were rescued and given bacon sandwiches (the piggery hadn’t put us off) and the adventure came to an end!

10 9 8 7 copy

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“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping
When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”
― Dr. Seuss

Whilst much of the country was blasted with snow this week, we waited and waited but nothing happened! This morning though, we woke up to the tiniest layer of snow and only then because our roads are not yet adopted and remain untreated with grit/salt!


This week saw the arrival of trees out the front which really helped to shape the landscape. They don’t show up very well against the mud in photos.

26 27

It has been a busy week, some parts of it have flown by whilst others have dragged on. I have to say that Maisy has kept me going quite a bit. I ended up being off of work on Wednesday as I started driving to a training course and my back didn’t like the traffic jams. Maisy does not understand the concept of rest…


Unless it’s on her terms of course, in a warm patch of sunshine, or whilst we’re watching TV….(She’s almost lost all of her pink puppy pads now and she’s got big doggy black feet! They grow up so fast…)

22 25 24The prospect of snow has allowed for the weather to produce some amazing sunsets – and a few sunrises. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to snap a couple this week…

20 23And finally I managed to take a few interesting shots of sky and birds over the week whilst out and about for work in the countryside. I’ve played around a little for a traditional darkroom type effect…

1 6 4.jpg 2So, the weekly challenge is proving to end up with me taking more photos than the daily one did… but with less pressure! I quite like the idea..

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