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“It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.”
― Nicholas Sparks

I haven’t actually talked about the weather for a while (surprise surprise!) but today’s photographs are flooding related once again. Despite being quieter about the flooding and the weather, it’s not really because it’s gone away – but more because everyone is getting used to it. We have had some days of brilliant sunshine but most of the local villages that have been flooded have been told that water levels will not reduce until at least April. Today a school was closed due to flooding and loss of power, and almost everywhere you go there’s a flood or two to dodge.


One of my main routes to work is treacherous with people speeding through the flood waters and churning up stones and water which drenches cars going the other way. It’s dangerous, and people don’t really understand the risks which is surprising considering how long we’ve had to deal with this now.

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Around this time last year, Gritters were  a common occurrence in the area with the cold weather. This time it’s water tanks. And actually one overturned last week spilling most of the load of water it had pumped, onto a roundabout. Everywhere, there are tankers taking away water or speeding up the pumping process. One village has been told to reduce the amount of times residents flush the toilet as sewage levels are reaching a record high.


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