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I used to think it too small to spend a life in, but now I’m not so sure.”
― Mary Kelly

I stopped at a small village called Otterbourne during my travels today in order to snap away for the blog. I was feeling pretty uninspired up until the moment that I happened across a very pretty little church. Otterbourne is named after the stream on which it lies – the Otter Bourne – and is located near Winchester in Hampshire.

Otterbourne had a famous occupant over the years being home to novelist Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823 – 1901) who published more than one hundred novels. However other than this, there really isn’t that much to the History of the place in terms of landmark occasions and notifiable residents. However Sir Isaac Newton lodged in a house there for some time during his life – which is quite impressive!

But it is a pretty, quiet and quaint place. I’m aiming to go back purely to photograph the pub – it looks beautiful from the outside! I didn’t spend long enough capturing the Church either so there’s something to do on a less rainy day.

With a population of only around 1600 (2002 census) it’s quite easy to feel like the place is pretty much deserted but just enough to fill up a post for day 215!

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“A Traveller should have a hog’s nose, deer’s legs, and an ass’s back”
― Benjamin Franklin ―

Apologies in advance for this blog will be rather snow heavy – like yesterdays. But I do hope I’ve brought some variation this time. Although the majority of the snow has melted, the trees are still lined with it out in the countryside and the majority of the fields and farms have a good coating on them.

It made for some interesting photography this morning when I headed out with my Mother and the dog (Star) while the boys – Dad and Buddy – went and played on the meadow. As we were driving through a fairly remote village we stumbled upon a very large herd of Deer hidden away beyond the trees. Getting out of the car spooked them and they certainly noticed I was there. In fact they encouraged the rest of the family to come and see…

Beautiful creatures! In amongst taking shots of the deer we went through villages, farmland, hamlets and empty wide spaces. We went up onto the ridge above a village called Broughton and the view was incredible…

We stopped in a small forest to let Star out for a run and we got the chance to head into the trees a bit more where the snow lay untouched (except for the Deer prints!) Star loved it, she didn’t even seem to give Buddy a second thought as she ran around exploring everything. She’s getting on a fair bit now so it was nice to see her sprightly again!

The blue skies were exactly what I had been hoping for today in order to offset the snow a bit better and provide crisper photos. With no more snow on the horizon and temperatures of minus 4 overnight it looks as those these views might be here for a few days more still.

I’ve also tested out the gallery option below so that if you’re interested in seeing everything taken today you can venture down and have a look. I ended up with around 400 photos and whittled them down to 24 – impressive!


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