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“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
― Henri Matisse

I put a cardigan on early this morning and ventured out into the chilly air in the hopes that I would stumble across something Autumnal, misty and different. Instead however, the mist cleared, the temperatures soared and I found myself in my Grandmother’s Garden – photographing the late Summer flowers!

Vibrant colours, definitely not what I was expecting to find but a nice surprise all the same. The pinks were so strong, I’m not even sure they’ve been captured properly by camera – but it’s something to convey the summery feel at least.

A short and sweet blog for a Friday – hopefully the weekend will bring a few more exploring possibilities and perhaps even some baby photographs as I venture out for some studio work! Happy weekend!

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“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”
– Helen Keller –

Some days it just all goes right. When that happens – when everything just ticks along nicely and it appears to be success after success there should be a way of bottling the euphoric feeling and keeping it for those gloomy days when anything positive seems impossible. I think there’s a niche in the market there…

March was starting out as a slow month with work, Spring was definitely here but everything felt a bit down trodden and dusty. Today there is a bit of fresh air around and that seems to make the world of difference. The house rennovations are going well, with a window fitted instead of insulation blocking up the gap! So it all looks really good too. Work has been amazing today. We quite often go through the motions of helping people put together their CVs and write cover letters – but we never expect immediate results when we send them out to employers. Yet this afternoon an excited client rang with the news that they had been offered an interview – we only sent the CV and letter out on Monday!

It just goes to show that there’s no predicting people sometimes. It’s always a good plan to take a leap and go for things – the outcome could be amazing. So with that and other positive news and interviews at work, the day has been lovely. The weather is just amazing. It’s summery warm outside and the flowers seem to love it, despite there being no water around.

On the downside it means that our hosepipe ban will come into play in April still. We don’t use a hosepipe that often, we have a water container that collects the rain so that we can water the flowers. Having a ban on using hosepipes makes no odds to me but it does mean that things must be quite difficult to even think about putting the process into action.

So today’s shots are really as a result of me wandering around the garden with camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other! I had a five minute break today because everything was just so busy (but good!) that there wasn’t time for much more. The Photography didn’t appear to suffer too much though.

I’m hoping for another beautiful sunset tonight so that I can head off with the camera and capture it. I’m planning to make use of my tripod to gain a steadier shot this time! Although I do find that the best sunsets are the unplanned ones. A friend of mine edited one of last nights sunsets for me…

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