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β€œHe who plants kindness, grows love…”

How do you start a blog entry when it’s been so long….it feels odd to just be writing words as they come out of my head. Instead of writing for an essay, an assessment at work, a Christmas card…something planned. 2016 has been a busy year with its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, times for sadness and times for celebration.

It seemed fitting to spend the first free hours that we’d had in a long time, on the meadow. So that’s where we found ourselves on Boxing Day, surveying the many trees that my Dad had spent the Autumn and Winter planting.

The meadow is a place where you can renew. Your energy, yourself, your memories. It’s a place that never changes in many ways, and yet advances and matures in many others. It’s a place that you can rely on. It is by far one of my most favourite places. This year I stored up memories and moments to recapture and recall when I felt that I may need them most.

One of those memories and moments was when we were speeding across the Gulf of Mexico in a boat with dolphins chasing us. I thought, ‘When life gets tough, remember this moment when everything was okay, and the bad bits were forgotten.’ The meadow is full of scenes prepared and stored, ready for conjuring up when most needed. Boxing Day’s time down there was no exception.

This is what happens when you ask two dogs to smile….

So the tree planting is almost complete. Only another few hundred to go…the meadow is looking full already and some of the photos show the contrast between the trees that were first planted when my parents got the meadow, to the ones that are just being put in now. A lot has changed in the years since the meadow was acquired…

The next project is nesting boxes – owls, bats, birds…all the best creatures! I can’t wait to ‘borrow’ my Dad’s extra awesome telephoto lens and sit and wait for the Kingfisher to come by again. He/She makes a regular appearance already but with some patience, fantastic shots can be caught. Just ask my Mum who snapped away with her point and shoot camera a few weeks ago and put me to shame!

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β€œI’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery

It has only just started to get cold – October is a little bit of a Moctober so far…threatening the frost, the chills and the Autumn colours but not quite delivering them. The good weather gave us a great chance to clear up the meadow and take some photos – three days on the meadow meant that some great shots were gathered! Dogs are tired too which is always an added bonus… So enjoy a little of an English Moctober…







Maisy and Buddy have known each other for almost a year – in fact we’ve known Maisy for almost a year and it has flown past. 2015 has been a bit of a blur in stages and as we enter the last few months I’m keen to grab some more photos to round up the year. Maisy has flourished and enjoys the meadow as much as Buddy does, as long as a tennis ball is involved. She’s started fishing too – or trying to. Her place is by the lake, watching and waiting. I wish life was that simple for adults!






I find more and more these days that I’m taking snaps on my iPhone. I hate it and love it at the same time. Photography is so much more accessible, and the camera is pretty good – and yet I neglect to properly head out with the camera when I’m always snapping. I try as often as I can to make a ‘proper’ camera effort – so these are all DSLR shots.








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