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The thing about blogging…is if you miss a few weeks, or even few months…you have LOADS to share. Too much for one post! So forgive me but it’s coming in dribs and drabs – probably be done by Christmas! So I’ve finally returned from my travels, the trip I just could not stop mentioning most of this year!! We spent almost the whole of October (four weeks to be exact) in the USA, splitting our time between Orlando (Disney of course!) and Naples (Luxury of course!) Naples is one of those places that you tell people about and they either assume Italy, have never heard of it, or just think it’s incredible. It is. I have so many Photos to share and we’ve been back a week so I have some Autumnal shots to share as well! But for now…let’s talk Weather…

We arrived in Orlando to rain, thunder, lightning and flash floods. The little hire cars were floundering as they left the airport, in our beast we were fine though! The weather was just incredible. We were in Orlando for the lead up, and the day of, Hurricane Matthew. The preparation was intricate. We weren’t allowed out the day the Hurricane made (almost) landfall and we sat in the apartment from 11pm the night before until 2pm on the day, staring at our bottles of water and googling…

It’s strange being in a different country when a disaster is due to hit. The way that the Hurricane was portrayed on American media was very different to how the UK journalists were handling it. We were going to die. People, were going to die. I do get that there was a lucky escape with the Hurricane barely grazing the coast for most of Florida. I also get that other’s weren’t so lucky! But in a country foreign to your own, it’s hard to know just how worried to be. When we phoned the resort (huge resort by the way, hundreds of properties) for queries, nobody was there. Just hours before they had left automated messages saying ‘We’re here for anything you need…’ But nope! Lots of guests around us made the decision to head home (to other US states) but we stayed and it was okay. Kudos to America for your planning though – alerts on all our phones leading up to the event, lots of shelters prepared, it felt a lot more secure than if something big was happening in the UK.

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“Air, mountains and silence – that’s what happiness is all about…”

 The quote was somewhat adapted from Sylvia Plath for today’s blog entry, but it pretty much sums up how the day went! It started fairly late in the morning as we mastered the art of a ‘lie in.’ (Something I’m not familiar with as when I’m awake, I have a hundred and one things that I’d like to get done before seven AM…) The sun rose in a hazy way and we almost thought that our views would be similar to yesterday – a little on the grey side. But within an hour the hills around us had lit up with a gorgeous glow and already the camera was out and I was capturing the moment.

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On arrival yesterday we found a fully stocked fridge (for breakfast) and so this morning we cooked the fresh bacon, sausages, egg and mushrooms that had been left for us. It was delicious – combined with a cup of coffee and some pineapple and coconut juice (a new ‘like’) the day started off fantastically. We spent a few hours taking a leisurely scenic route to the Brecon Beacons. For those that don’t know the area, the Beacons are a mountain range in Wales. We had researched the road through the most scenic part of the Beacons, but we weren’t quite prepared for the incredible views that we saw. The views were incredible and the peacefulness was stunning.

5 4 `3

I’m not quite sure which part of the Beacons we ventured into, but we ended up on one small ‘mountain’ eating a picnic lunch before doing the ‘drive’ down through the peaks along with a handful of other people – motorcyclists included. It was surprisingly quiet for Good Friday and the traffic was minimal. We later enjoyed an ice cream at the top of another peak before heading back down on the long trek back to Knighton (where we are staying.)

16 14 6 7

The sun set in a much more impressive way this evening and lit up the hills once again. There were no more lambs today (so far) but there  are lots of grouchy sheep below our balconey making themselves heard. We’ve learned to spot the telltale signs that a sheep is giving birth, by the time our holiday is over I’m sure we’ll be considered experts in the farming world…

11 12 8 9

Tomorrow, we’re heading to Hay-On-Wye which is considered the town of books. Last time we visited, it was a Sunday and not much was awake so we’re hoping to get a bit more exploring done this time around. We can’t come to Wales, be within a short drive of a town of books and NOT go…!


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