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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”
― William Shakespeare ―

The snow melted today and with it went the cold snap. I started off taking my photos of the day first thing this morning before a Monday packed full of meetings and other various bits and pieces. I finally received the laptop and printer that work promised me last December and therefore manage to get a lot more done in the way of admin and working alongside clients too. My job involved assisting people with learning difficulties to find and apply for jobs – and then if needed to support them for some weeks in the workplace too. Laptops and a steady internet connection are vital for job searching and online applications.

So that was a productive day and unfortunately the photos are ones that will seem familiar for I shot a similar view some weeks ago. However I did think that the melting snow was significant and the water droplets looked pretty – plus it’s a photo! So I’m not complaining if you’re not!

And I also wanted to share some photos that I took late last night – that’s not cheating I promise! I borrowed my Father’s 500mm lens and set it up to take some rather wobbly shots of the moon…and was very pleased with the outcome given that it was a cloudy and cold night! So there we have it, some water droplets and the moon and a rather busy day. Perhaps I’ll get more adventurous tomorrow…

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