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The weather has been beautiful lately – here’s a very quick blog post and two pretty sunsets! Rain and sunshine combined make the perfect effects…

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“Sometimes not getting what you want is a brilliant stroke of luck.”
― Lorii Myers

Last night I went to the Test Valley Business Awards, an annual ceremony awarding local business for various achievements. I’d never been before and this year only attended because my parents business was nominated in the customer service category.


Actually, they didn’t win in that category and instead were announced as finalists (which was awesome regardless!) But the nice surprise came at the end of the evening when it was announced that there was an extra award for excellence – and when they started to talk about the business we very quickly recognised who they meant!

1911So they ended up coming up with not one, but two certificates, a huge bunch of flowers and membership worth £300 to the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce – what a result! There were also some fantastic photos too, including Fred Dineage (above a few photos). There’s even a photo of me somewhere! It was a very proud moment to know that the business my parents had spent over two decades building up, with their fantastic team, was a success in others eyes too!


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