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“Where there is cake, there is hope.

And there is always cake.”
― Dean Koontz

Today is a busy one so I did what my Mother deems as cheating – and photographed something that was fairly close to hand. It isn’t cheating though – it’s making the best of a busy day! Plus everyone loves a good tart. I insisted on opening all the things that were in the cupboard in the name of photography too – so that in itself was a challenge. So was tasting.

My Father is addicted to Shortbread. If he was able to live off of it entirely I’m sure he would. Everybody knows it as well, so there’s always a packet floating around from Christmas which just happens to combine with his Birthday – so he gets double shortbread. It’s not very photogenic though, rather plain!

However Tarts, on the other hand – are very vibrant. Especially those cheap sickly sweet variety. I always remember scooping out the jam and eating that but leaving the pastry when I was younger. Now I shudder at the thought of that much sugar on its own – sweeeeet!

British Gas finished yesterday so the building work was set to calm a little. Or so we thought. Throughout most of the evening last night my Radiator sounded like it was about to launch itself into the sky and pretend to be a plane. Overnight when the heating cooled and was switched off, it quietened. But at six thirty this morning the hammering began again. When you’re at home listening to builders hammering for the best part of the day you start to tune the sound out which is why I slept through it this morning. That and the fact that I was insanely tired.

So British Gas were here nice and early this morning to fix the valves that were causing the horrendous noise. That took a few hours and then they were off. I’m really hoping that this is the last we see of them! Other than that the building work is going well with doors being fitted, bits and pieces attached here and there and a decorator coming out to quote today. Hopefully the weekend will be more peaceful and dust free than the last!

I love the pattern on Bakewell Tart – it’s just so different. Somebody somewhere, thought about making the cake and then decided to jazz it up a bit, so that it wasn’t just a cake – it was marble art! Shame it has to be ruined really.

This blog has actually been queued for 17:00 – I’m hoping it works! Fingers crossed…I’m off out tonight for a leaving meal at work. One of my colleagues has decided to go travelling a year or so which is amazing. So I’m off out for that and then this weekend is going to be dedicated to the final tweaks of a law essay that I’ve been compiling over the past few weeks. I’m trying to get a little bit ahead because the next deadline is my Birthday and I plan to be out all day with my camera!

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