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“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.”
― Rafael Sabatini

Much of the world has awoken to the news that Robin Williams has died – suspected suicide. He was an icon of my childhood, Peter Pan, Mrs Doubtfire and so on. Actors and Actresses are mysterious, you never really know the real them unless you know them personally – only what they portray to the media. Regardless, it’s incredibly sad news.


Quick post today because I’m training most of the day and won’t be home until late. Looks like the weather has cleared up to make another beautiful day – albeit with a September kind of chill in the air. Autumn is coming!

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“Never look directly at the sun. Instead, look at the sunflower.”
― Vera Nazarian

I think I took my photos at about seven thirty this morning which just has to be a new record! In between showering and breakfast I noticed that the sunlight was streaming through to a vase of flowers on the dining room table. It really made them luminescent and I suddenly knew what I wanted to photograph today!

I love the modern looking pink flowers that seem to be getting ever increasingly popular. They just are stunning and so photogenic. So I spent a bit of time snapping away and then turned my attention to the sunflowers..

Equally beautiful in their stark bright yellowness! I think these have to be one of the few flowers that don’t make me sneeze – not sure why, they seem very polleny and flowery!

Yellow and pink goes surprisingly nice together. Can’t say I would wear it though…but the hues here complimented each other well and actually made the sunflower look quite nice when ordinarily I find them to be quite bland flowers. Sadly.

We sadly didn’t win the quiz last night. Really it’s just an excuse to go out and eat the absolutely lovely dessert they do at the pub. But we did pretty well general knowledge wise and if we’d have got four more points we would have won! Out of 57 participants that’s quite good methinks!

Which also reminds me – there’s a fantastic contest going on over at deviantART that the still life photographers and bakers/cooks amongst my followers might enjoy. You would need to sign up to the site but that’s easy! The prize list is amazing and there’s plenty of time to get creating. Check out the contest here!

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