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“Badger hates Society, and invitations, and dinner, and all that sort of thing.”
― Kenneth Grahame

I can’t quite believe I’ve managed to keep the blog challenge going with no internet – but it’s happening! We actually have no dates at all as to when we’ll get internet connected – we’re lucky enough to have fibre in our cupboard but that’s about it – it just lies there in the cupboard staring at us! I’m sure everyone would like to know that there are only 112 days until Christmas…everyone at work seems to appreciate my daily updates =)

photo 1 photo 2

In other news, there wasn’t much opportunity for photographs today, so I quickly snapped dinner – or part of it. We had chicken fajitas with peppers and spring onion – salad shots!  Also in all the busy-ness of yesterday and the fact that I scheduled my blog super early when I borrowed some internet (thanks Mum!) – I forgot to mention that it was quite a poignant day. Two years ago yesterday I was blogging about our farewell to a friend – the beautiful Starsy dog who sadly died last year. I can’t believe how quickly time has past.



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“I’m planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots.”
― Andrea Koehle Jones

I’m not cheating entirely, I do have a few photographs taken today! But yesterday we ventured down to the meadow to have a wander, sneeze a lot and plant Starsy’s Oak Tree. We had a ‘Day for a Star’ back in September last year a short while after she had died (for those new to the blog, Star was our fifteen year old (ish) black labrador). (She did have eyes, she just closed them for the photo!)


But one of her biggest fans had got an American Oak specially for her that we could plant down on the meadow in her memory. We’ll also get a plaque done soon too, for one of the handmade benches right where she used to love throwing herself into the lake.




So yesterday saw the planting of the Oak (finally) – admist a huge attack of hay fever! Hence why I couldn’t post the photographs when I got home. But here they are now – we also found a toad who seemed unperturbed that we were there. Buddy came too and watched with earnest, although to him Star is probably a distant memory now!






9 3

As for today’s photographs, after a storm that lasted five minutes and gave barely any thunder, the day was once more hot, muggy, humid and hayfevery. So I just snapped a few iPhone shots..

13 12

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