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“Love is in the rain”
― Yuslia Anggraeni

The rain has arrived – I doubt it will be enough to stave the impeding Hose Pipe bans coming into play at the beginning of April but maybe it will be enough to bring out a few more Spring blooms in aid of Photography! The meadow has been a fine indication of the fact that the water levels this year are not what they should be. The meadow is in fact a water meadow and most of it is quite squelchy underfoot at this time of year with the areas around the lakes usually quite a bit saturated. This year however, the ground is hard and the water levels in the lakes is very low.

I have a lot to do today – so I started the morning off by cooking breakfast for everybody and then heading into the garden with the camera. It was cold rain, and lots of it! So I didn’t linger for too long. Plus Buddy thought it was great having a playmate outside and decided to jump around in the mud (yes more than usual!) I don’t know if anyone else with dogs has had the same occurence – but Buddy has found a bronze statue of a sitting dog that we have on a sideboard in the dining room. He quite obviously recognises it as a dog and tries his best to get up to inspect it closer. He shows no interest in anything else – just this dog. Strange or normal?!

I find Yellow tulips to be incredibly “un-photogenic.” They are vibrant that’s for sure but they just seem to blend in seamlessly with anything behind him and lack severely in contrast. So my once yellow tulips have been turned blue for the purposes of ehancing the raindrops. I do love photoshop sometimes, it does have its uses. Oh and Red…

The rest of the day will no doubt be spent putting the final touches to my law assignment and listing things for sale on Ebay – it’s free listing this weekend! I wanted to say thank you for all the comments, ‘likes’ and followers I’ve somehow managed to pick up over the past few weeks. I do get around to replying to most if not all things that come my way and I spend a few hours catching up on the blogs in my inbox as well – but I don’t get to say thank you a much as I would like. So, Thank You! Hope all my readers/viewers have a fantastic weekend. If you celebrate then Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and to all those Mothers out there I hope tomorrow is a special day.

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