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“All I’ve done is run fast. I don’t see why people should make much fuss about that.”

– Fanny Blankers-Koen

I saw the Olympic torch procession through the local town today, and whilst there seemed to be a lot of over thinking on the part of council and police – and there was cause for complaint (so many homes were cut off by road closures for two hours!) the actual procession and the patriotism shown was tremendous. When asking a Community Support Officer how people were meant to get to their homes, the reply was “unknown”. However! That aside, it was an amazing event.

Coca Cola, one of the official sponsers/presenters of the torch procession turned up and gave away free tin bottles of coke – Olympic themed so in years to come they will be a nice memento! As well as the torch there were lots of police around who actually did get into the spirit of things (which was a big change) and were quite friendly (another big change).

In fact the police cars that went through were suspiciously full of office looking staff from the station – it seemed that they were making the most of the event and road closure to get out and have a ‘jolly’!

Children came out of school, offices let people out early to go and watch, and people lined the streets in their hundreds from the town all the way up to the end of one of the main roads to offer their support. It was amazing.

So as you’ll see, my photos today are rather candid and journalistic, which makes a change from the normal set up shots grabbed here and there. Unfortunately the torch bearer had his hand in front of his face most of the time and was constantly waving at the cameras and news teams on the back of the bus driving in front of him – rather than the crowd, but that’s to be understood! His moments of fame were here!

Further ahead once he had run his bit, the flame was passed on to the next runner. This was the amusing part, people ran from the crowd (obviously planned) and unfolded a banner behind him, the news teams stabilised and he posed dramatically in the swap of the flame onto a new torch and runner. All very planned – and set up! That’s the English organisation kicking in right there.

There was also a coach full of olympic torches – you can just about see in this picture. It had torches and runners on it – probably spares and the ones for further up the road too. I’m heading out this evening to where the torch is being kept (lit) overnight as I’m lucky enough to have parents who know these things – so there may be more shots to come at a later time! For now though, enjoy our bit of Olympic Support – London 2012!!!


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