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“The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind” – Bob Dylan

I stalked the garden in my new welly boots today. Who’d have thought we would be buying Welly boots at the height of Summer? They’re a winter thing! So much so that they were even on sale. Then I bought a little round pot that holds soup and hot food for four hours before it goes cold. This is winter – it must be winter!

You wouldn’t think so! Luscious green, brilliant sunshine and blue skies were abundant today – but for only 60 seconds at a time. Then the clouds rolled over and dumped another bunch of rain down, throwing in the odd hail stone here and there. Flood warnings are in place, weather warnings are a normality. It’s June!

However contrary to popular belief, we British people don’t always talk about the weather, there are other things. Like how cold it is – and it’s only June! No I’m kidding, I know we complain but yesterday the hosepipe bans across the region were lifted and things (mainly the water levels) are on the up.

To make a change from weather talk, I bought Buddy a lamb today. Not a real one. It seems that if you go for a soft toy without the stuffing (which is healthier for the doggies!) then you pay more. With the stuffing, pay less. Removing stuffing, or not putting stuffing in at all seems to be a lengthy and expensive process. It’s worth it though, Buddy loves it!

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“There is nowhere morning does not go.”
― Leah Hager Cohen

I have quite a few images to share today – since there were many more gathered after yesterday’s blog! More dogs too! I also (after weeks of waiting) managed to get a sunset shot. The weather hasn’t been all that forth coming with suitable sunsets to photograph. I find that the best ones need to have a good dose of colour and a sprinkle of cloud!

So that was the sunset last night – beautiful but over ever so quickly! I was quite lucky to see it out of the window and grab the camera to run upstairs to the usual hanging out point – the window – and snap away! I also got the chance to shoot some images of a new dog yesterday…

This is Bracken! He’s gorgeous – but he didn’t stay still for very long! I managed to the odd shot here and there but mostly it was running around and hunting down the tennis ball that he liked to do. When he did stay still though, he was a good poser!

Then there was Tegan – who I’m sure my regular followers will have seen before. She’s a bit more camera shy these days but she still managed a couple of shots – the best of which is below…

Which then leads us nicely to this morning! I woke up early and with a fairly long busy day stretching ahead, knew that I probably needed to make the most of the sunrise to get my photos of the day. So I headed outside with the camera – it looks like it might rain which is a shame! But on the plus side that helped with the cloud formations…

By the time I finished writing this blog this morning – and queuing it up for later – the sun has gone and grey clouds have replaced it! I won’t complain too much though, we really did have a fantastic weekend of weather. Hopefully a few more weeks and Summer will properly kick in!

I do love that tree above – only four or five days ago it had no leaves on it! But now it’s in full bloom pretty much. It basically gives our house privacy from the rest of the road, and makes a lovely picture outside of my bedroom window.

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