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“and I shall watch the ferry boats, and they’ll get high, on a bluer ocean against tomorrow’s sky. and i will never grow so old again, and i will walk and talk, in gardens all wet with rain…”
― Van Morrison

I love my job, training by the seaside and the chance to work at a drop in office afterwards too!  Although it wasn’t really sea-side weather I did manage to drop by the coast for a few minutes courtesy of my satnav that was going pretty crazy and sending me everywhere…1 2


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“Life is a beach…enjoy the waves!”

It’s natural now, to head to some of the more risky places when a storm is forecast. So an hour before high tide hit today, we found ourselves on Southsea Beach (Portsmouth UK) watching some of the biggest waves I’ve ever seen.

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Living fairly inland in the South means that I rarely get to watch how the weather affects the sea and the coast. So quite possibly the images I captured today are normal scenes for some people. But actually it was quite epic to be amongst the howling winds, crashing waves and flying bits of hail stones and sand grains.

9 10 11

After photographing one end of Southsea beach, we decided to head back mainly because the tide was already covering our return path.  We wanted to head to the other side, but the sea gates were already closed. However a quick detour meant that we could nip around and photograph where the biggest impact of the storm was hitting.

4The carpark was underwater and most of the spaces along the coast were flooded, but we found one to perch in whilst we quickly took some more shots. And quick they were. We both ended up drenched by waves whilst we sacrificed cameras to get some good shots and footage.


‘Joe’s’ the beach cafe was being completely overcome with waves. Despite this they were still open and serving hot food! It was a bit bizarre… they were obviously well equipped for the waves as they had special drainage points to tip the water back into the sea from. Even so…it was daunting!

3 2

The journey home was hectic, the motorways were saturated with water and the gusts of wind were shaking the car as we travelled, but we made it home in one salty, soaking wet piece.


Below is a video that William took with the GoPro (luckily a waterproof camera!)

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