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“Tut, Tut, looks like rain”
― A.A. Milne

It’s almost natural instinct to go out with the camera after a storm now, and whilst my intention wasn’t to try and get shots for the local newspaper this time – it was still to try and document how the country is suffering somewhat, with the current weather situation. Much of the County (Hampshire) still remains without power along with several other coastal counties further East of England. The storm is heading towards Scotland now whilst also giving North Wales a bashing – here’s hoping it dies out on the way up.


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Last night was supposed to be bad, but it wasn’t as horrendous as Monday. We kept power and the bins and a few bits of loose garden bits were thrown around but other than that, it was fairly quiet. The flooding hit today, particularly in places like Bournemouth. We headed to the New Forest where the story was much the same, flooded roads, trees down and broken fences.


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Lepe beach was suffering particularly with the beach road closed although a few vehicles braved the flood waters to travel along the coast. The Isle of Wight was just visible, but the weather improved as time went on and gradually a few people started to brave the conditions. Whilst the storms bring chaos for many, they provide good conditions for others, as this wind surfer proved….


Christmas was warm and cosy. Lots of presents were given and received and nobody was disappointed! In fact we tested a brand shiny new Go Pro camera this afternoon whilst out in the Forest, perhaps footage will make its way here soon so all those abroad can see why we keep visiting with the camera! I can see that come January 1st it will be a battle to tear myself away from my new Kindle Paperwhite in order to do the daily blog…but I shall triumph!



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“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ”
― Mary Ellen Chase

It’s now officially Christmas since work is over and I have a rather luxurious two weeks off. So expect more photography and more Christmas which of course means many more blog posts. And guess what?!! I’m seriously considering putting myself the 365 Photography challenge starting 1st January 2014…

I know. Crazy isn’t it. But my job has changed, I’m out on the road most of the day traveling between clients and rarely taking a lunch break so there’s all the more reason to grab a five minute snap here and there. No excuses! No more 8 hour office days for me and why not make the most of it too?


I have noticed a significant difference in my Photography compared to 2012. This year has brought with it more opportunities for Photographic work, but less self-inspired photography trips and conceptual creations. I sincerely miss that. I’ve looked back at my portfolio this year and I’m proud of it, but it’s not as diverse and varied as it could be.


Forcing myself (because let’s face it, some days I had to force myself) to take a photograph every day made me think outside the box, constantly. For example, some weeks I had to think very carefully about the strange poses I would put Buddy in or what I could put on his head this time. Jokes aside though, it was fun. And I took more than one Photograph a day as well, let’s be honest, I couldn’t resist. On the days when there was just one I must have been ill.


But I’ve also learned that Photography isn’t about being perfect every single time. I aim to become a little more journalistic and candid. I hope that big things will happen in 2014. Graduation amongst them… I want to capture those moments as well as things that you followers want to see!!!


So here today I have shared some photographs taken across the past week or so around the house once the decorating had been done. The little traditions and things that we do to make Christmas how it should be (for us) are nearly almost there. The presents are wrapped, the cards have been posted, things are tidy and organised and even my car has been washed. (No, I didn’t do it myself ><).



Buddy has been incredibly well behaved so far (touch wood.) No decorations have been chewed, no presents have been unwrapped. He’s a growed up dog now! Also it shows compared to previous photographs – he’s got the biggest paws! And he even has his own stocking hung up…




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