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“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.”
― Bram Stoker

My Valentines Card said, ‘Let’s go on a beach date!’ so we did…. Maisy was up for getting sandy toes so we took her as well and she seemed to love every minute. The weather performed (for once!) and so we grabbed our cameras and headed to Lepe, a beach on the edge of the New Forest which is directly opposite the Isle of Wight and almost within touching distance! But guess what… I can’t share any photos since I’ve used up all my WordPress space and their ‘plans’ have changed and are ridiculously priced.. £85 for a year of blogging?  I think not!

However all is not lost, and after some Facebook uploading and copying of links, it appears that I’ve found a temporary solution. If you can’t see the photos below though, let me know!

Lepe is a place of sea, sand, sunsets and beautiful scenery. It’s ever-changing. I love that the beach washes up something new everyday, and definitely every time that we get there. There are different shells to be collected, different rocks to traverse and nearly always a new flooded path or roadway. The winding roads through the New Forest to get too and from the beach are just as beautiful and ever-changing. One day there may be six donkeys in your path, the next, six ponies. Today, three cyclists! Everything is blown away with even a few minutes by the sea and the world is put to rights if only for an hour or two. Sometimes that’s all you need to prepare you for the week ahead.

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We were lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful Wedding in Cornwall on Tuesday and decided to make a mini holiday of it – especially given it takes around four hours to get there by car! We stayed three nights in a beautiful Castle Hotel overlooking St Ives and with beautiful views of the sea. But the real hidden gem was just around the corner at Godrevy Lighthouse…



We could see the Lighthouse from our hotel bedroom window but we didn’t venture to it until the second to last night just as the sun was setting. We wanted a vantage point to shoot from and I quickly googled what might be available and it was the top suggestion. So we went…and we were just in time for the most amazing display…

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I absolutely love the sea and I’ve missed it. I used to get my fixes by going to the Isle of Wight but the place we stayed at is up for sale and no longer available… and we’ve just not had the time. A Wedding seemed the perfect occasion as well.




I felt like my camera came alive in my hands and I was inspired to shoot again, something which I’ve lacked the time an inclination to do this year. With Cornwall behind me and weddings looming again this weekend, next weekend and beyond I can only be inspired over and over again and I can’t wait. I love this time of year!




We also went to Lands End which I imagine can be quite beautiful but that day it was cold and misty and just not quite right. It was still amazing to be there though and we enjoyed the scenery for a little while – and that famous signpost!






So there we go – photo overload! Next up is the Lake District which I have also never been to so fingers crossed… and another Wedding!

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