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“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
― Abraham Lincoln

And boy did it rain! The roads were saturated and flooding within minutes, the thunder was rolling lighting was flashing… and then it was all over and the sun came out as if nothing had happened!

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Because we aren’t used to rain anymore, we had to wait for it to stop before we ventured outside anywhere. And when we did go out, I insisted that William drove to the door of the shop so that I didn’t get wet. Getting difficult in my old age!

6clouds 4clouds

Once the sun was shining again we had a quick peek at the house to check on its progress. It’s becoming impossible to photograph from the front because for some reason, they are building more houses – something my mind managed to block out the whole time I was gazing at our front door and imagining us looking out at sweeping sunsets and green hills! The back is coming along nicely know with a lovely ‘proper’ car park, fence and garden although it hasn’t been separated from the neighbours yet so it’s deceiving in size!


When we got home, my Mother had been out on a mini shopping spree and came back with these delights…. I’ve been following Smitten Kitchen for some time now and was delighted to see that there’s a shiny book to be purchased of her awesome recipes – even more delighted that my Mother got it for me!



Despite my 40+ hour week this week, I find myself being subjected to the joys of weekend working again and will be off tomorrow to carry out my ‘1 in 4’ shifts. Not bitter at all. Oh no. So I’ll try and photograph something interesting afterwards but can’t promise!

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“God ordered the world and all things in it, and I ordered a pizza and all things on it. 
― Jarod Kintz,

A couple of thousand photographs later…and all I have to share with you today is our reward for a twelve hour wedding and a million photos…PIZZA!

More to follow in the next few days – but what a beautiful wedding and the most beautiful photographs!photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (3)

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