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“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always our self we find in the sea.”
― E.E. Cummings

After last nights meteor shower, today was a day of exploring the South Coast of England and a  spot of the New Forest. The meteor shower, for those who didn’t get the chance to see anything, was amazing here. We couldn’t stay awake for long enough to get the full impact of the shower but staying up until around 12:30am meant that we saw at least eight!

I experimented with a bit of the tilt shift setting on my camera which resulted in some interesting effects appearing. Tilt shift makes miniature worlds, and whilst that wasn’t entirely possible at the seaside where there really wasn’t much of a world aside from sea and sand, there were some results!

In the true spirit of the Olympics it was nice to capture some sport shots of the wind surfer people. Although they’re not wind surfers, but whatever they are, they were quite interesting. However they did like coming close to the shore and making splashy waves, which was equally as frustrating as it was amusing.

We explored a fair bit of the New Forest sticking mostly to the coastline of Lepe and Hythe. We ventured to Netley Marsh (which was very marshy) and found dozens of dead crabs. Pleasant! Afterwards we dipped in and out of the New Forest taking shots wherever there were shots to be taken.

Aside from excellent photography opportunities the weather was also wonderful, I know this because I’m sporting a nice sun-burn! However it was beautiful, if not a little windy the temperature was in the mid twenties.

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