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“When it’s three o’clock in New York, it’s still 1938 in London. ”
― Bette Midler

It has been a while hasn’t it! However hopefully the blog is making a welcome return with a nice selection of photos. William and I spent the day in London yesterday, and we saw absolutely everything! It was impossible to do everything that we wanted to do but I think we made a great try at it all. As always with the days that I take more than a handful of photos, if you want to skip the words and just see the images, scroll down for the gallery.

Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium

The purpose of visiting, primarily, was to take William to the Emirates Stadium (home of Arsenal Footballers) after buying him a tour for Christmas (ages ago I know!) It took some planning to figure out the trains, tubes and locations, but eventually we got there after a mini-adventure.




5The tour was self guided, and we got to see everything from directors box and dugouts to changing rooms and therapy pool (surprisingly smelt lovely!) The day was not destined to end there though.


Having spied Convent Garden on the tube stop we headed back that way and clambered above ground at the stop. The stairs were out of order, thankfully, because as the tannoy advised, they were the equivalent of a 15 story tall building!

Covent Garden

Covent Garden




Convent Garden was amazing. It was full of people, culture, trinkets, street performers and sunshine. The buildings were beautiful, everywhere was sparkling and clean and there was a Disney Store!




We trawled the markets for some time looking for tacky London gifts as my sister had requested – and stumbled across something much more amazing. Handmade leather ‘books. With owls on. What could possibly be any better? Of course, i had to buy it  because hardly any of the stallholders allowed photographs – and not sharing the awesomeness would be awful. Totally justified the expense…


Aside from a shop that had 70% owl products inside – including the most awesome owl cushion as shown below. As you probably know from previous blog posts, I LOVE owls and they are hugely in fashion now and you can get almost anything Owly.

3 (2)


Covent Garden also had a Moomins shop! Anyone remember that from their childhood? Everything inside was Moomin themed. After we spent a short while having lunch and sharing a table with some Dutch people, we headed below ground again towards the National History Museum.

Natural History Museum

London 2013The queue was huge, so we snuck in the back way via Exhibition Road. It wasn’t quite the full experience, but we did get to see a fantastic exhibition or two whilst wandering. Our last stop of the day was back towards Waterloo, in preperation for the London Finale…


But before we ventured onto our sunset flight on the London Eye, we walked across to the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and then back across the bridge to see even more street performers and entertainment.





We spent a few hours chilling in the Zen Cafe before watching the 4D London Eye experience and then embarking (after arguing about tickets) for our 7:30pm flight. The sun was just setting (perfect Autumn timing) and we reached the top of the Eye at the most perfect moments.












London 2013

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“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”
― A.A. Milne

My job takes me all over the County and usually the areas I end up aren’t that Photogenic. But I love going to Romsey via Stockbridge. Both are beautiful quaint towns and neither require a motorway or busy road to access them. Coincidentally my route also takes me past my favourite places to Photograph – so today was quite a pleasant day!

Instead of stopping for lunch I hopped out of the car for a few minutes at a couple of locations to grab some shots. I keep meaning to go back to Romsey on a weekend and do some Christmas shopping but I never get the time – it’s a lovely town.

So I revisited The Bunnies -I had just missed the best of the Autumn shots there as I completely forgot to go back, but I think I managed a few this time around – albeit a little late. It was peaceful and nice to spend a few minutes enjoying the view. Until some swans hissed at me. As payback I’ve cloned them out of my shots.

Then I dropped by the Autumn Driveway – I keep an eye on it all year round because it’s photogenic regardless, especially in the snow. So I think I’ve got the last of the Autumn shots out of it today…

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