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“All you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind.”

There are some things that just need to be captured on camera, to be remembered forever. Not huge moments – not all the time. Today whilst we were wandering through a frosty forest, the first thought that hit me when I raised the camera and took a shot of nothing but nature was… ‘It’s so nice not to be photographing someone’s face.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the Weddings that we’ve had this year and every single one has been fantastic and such an experience. But today was about photographing anything. And it felt so good to be doing it again.

Photographs don’t have to be perfect, but I was impressed with the below capture. Fog, sunshine, rays, cobwebs…all so hard to capture spontaneously and never how they showed up in real life. I looked closer at the below image and noticed the cobweb hanging down through the middle of it, covered in ice. I was almost annoyed at the interruption within my perfect scene. Almost. Then I realised it was all part of the perfect scene.

Today we had some bits and pieces to do so we decided to take hot tea and just drive for a bit, and capture what we could of the morning fog. A curse for so many but a delight for photographers! All of these captures were taken literally on our doorstep. The forest that borders where we live is home to some beautiful scenes, it’s just a huge pain to get to with the dog as the road leading to it has no paths or pavement. So she doesn’t feature today sadly.

So back to those small moments that need to be captured every so often. Today I ticked a few off the list – an image of exactly what it looks like when all around you branches are creaking and frost is melting. That spiders web gently swinging laden with frost. The tiny dew drops framed in sunlight. The shadow of trees as the sun streams through them. Everyday things sometimes, but so beautiful when you have the time to stop and look at them all.

New Years resolution for 2017 – there will be more Photos. Promise.

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“How soon “Not Now” becomes “Never””

I actually liked writing something every day. I think it was the photography that took the time, planning and sometimes energy. The blogging side of things, since I’m on the computer studying most evenings, doesn’t actually phase me. There are lots of Photography projects planned this year, with a holiday coming up in April, a few weddings to photograph and some other bits and pieces. But what I’d really like to get stuck into again, is sunsets!


So with the New Year comes the resolution to photograph more sunsets, more sunrises, and more beautiful things. The quote today comes from a book I was reading last night. The quote originally in German, translates nicely into English. “How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.” And I thought how true this quote is, for so many of us. We say ‘not now’ a lot of the time, without even thinking about it. So my other resolve this coming year, is to say it less. If I really can’t do something, a No is a great answer. A Yes is even better. But a ‘not now’ is a much sadder path to take, turning so quickly, into never.


Have you made resolutions this year? I decided that my ‘less of the not nows’ would encompass a lot of the other resolutions I made. To go to the gym (which i started last year in December), to lose weight (which i also started last year in July), to put the caps on my camera lens more often when not using it (haven’t yet started this…where are all those damn caps?!) and to, generally, get more out of life (started every year of my life for as long as I can remember!) Resolutions can be disappointing, and can quickly become a joke when we find that we’re not able to keep them. So we turn to resolving to ‘not eat any more chocolate.’ I mean come on. Who even sticks to that?


So there we have it. The resolutions are set. If I hadn’t just finished the 365 challenge, I would have resolved to blog more – but that would be silly now wouldn’t it! Nevertheless, here we go…

  • Eat more chocolate
  • Lens cap the lens’s!
  • Photograph more sunsets
  • Say less ‘ not nows ‘
  • Enjoy the Gym
  • (this will happen on the day they introduce free chocolate on arrival, which will tie in nicely with resolution one)

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