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So since I last blogged (queue my ‘it’s been a while…’ line…) we have a new addition to the doggy family! Polly has joined us, she’s my sister and her boyfriends puppy and is just eight months old. Rescued from the streets of Romania she’s a tiny little pup, Golden retriever/labrador type dog. Today was her first venture onto the meadow where she met up with Maisy and they had a fab time exploring with Buddy!

It was also the first time out with the ‘proper’ camera in ages – so there are lots of photos to see today!  Plenty of material for 2019’s calendar… Oh and if you’re interested 2018’s calendar is available for purchase… more about that soon! Enjoy…

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“Every moment has its pleasures and its hope.”
― Jane Austen

Tomorrow we get the keys to the new house, and although we won’t move in straight away I won’t have Buddy on my doorstep everyday as my muse for the. But I couldn’t believe it when he walked up the garden steps, laid down and posed without complaint and with full eye contact with the camera, for the first time since forever. About time Buddy!




And here, Buddy is exhibiting this years latest collection, anniversary flowers courtesy of William and our two year anniversary yesterday! We gave each other cards in the morning, but William snuck home in the evening with a bunch of flowers and some chocolate milk. Who could ask for more? Oh and the keys to the new house, but that’s tomorrow! In return I’ve got us some tickets (or will have shortly) to see The Wurzels in September. Ooo arr!







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