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“I’ll wait for you under the bluebells. I’ll be there always.”

Three of my most favourite things to Photograph. So imagine how pleased I was to capture a few snaps of each this weekend. There was rain, there was sun and there were bluebells! It’s that time of year again. It was beautiful sight to see a forest covered in the colourful flowers, and we weren’t the only ones out in force with the camera.


With the final month of this years university courses coming up, the time I have to take Photographs, and probably even breathe, will be limited. But I cannot wait to have a Summer off – I haven’t had one since starting the degree since we worked through Summers before. So I’m looking forward tremendously to having some time to just not have to think about writing essays or revising for exams!


So these may be my last photos for a few weeks, but don’t go anywhere! I’ll definitely make up for it when I return! In the meantime, enjoy a few more Bluebells, Blossoms and the odd sunset…


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“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
― Henri Matisse

I put a cardigan on early this morning and ventured out into the chilly air in the hopes that I would stumble across something Autumnal, misty and different. Instead however, the mist cleared, the temperatures soared and I found myself in my Grandmother’s Garden – photographing the late Summer flowers!

Vibrant colours, definitely not what I was expecting to find but a nice surprise all the same. The pinks were so strong, I’m not even sure they’ve been captured properly by camera – but it’s something to convey the summery feel at least.

A short and sweet blog for a Friday – hopefully the weekend will bring a few more exploring possibilities and perhaps even some baby photographs as I venture out for some studio work! Happy weekend!

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