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“Give Peas a Chance…”

Just a quick photo today as I simply ran out of time to get creative and snap anything more interesting – even though the sunrise was beautiful! Tonight we mostly have peas with a hint of pasta after I tipped the bag up too much…


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“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”
― Sophia Loren

In keeping with the still life theme from yesterday, I raided the cupboard and found pasta. It’s not all that photogenic when you first look at it, but I decided to get a bit creative to try and improve matters slightly.

Where there is Pasta, there is almost certainly hungry dogs. Buddy found that he loved pasta when it fell out of the cupboard a few months ago and he worked hard, bit by bit, to bring each piece to his bed and consume it.

Star was keen not to miss out on what Buddy was consuming with enthusiasm, and she has taken a liking to pasta too. Although she’s only allowed a piece. The challenge, for the dogs, is picking it up – because it’s ridiculously difficult to handle!

With a slight orange filter, I removed most of the glare that came because it was sunny and the pasta is fairly light coloured. In between fending off the hungry animals, I shot a few more images with the macro lens which seemed to work fairly well.

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