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“Always be yourself. Unless you can be an owl.”

I have a million books, and whilst I donate a fair few of them I also love to swap them for new reading materials (if you’re interested let me know!) – and so myself and a good friend from Uni have been swapping books for a while now, and today she sent me owl related materials as well!


I also had a very welcome late birthday present last night when I went out for dinner with my friends – more owl related material! This particular one is a solar powered and is rather pretty! So today after a stressful workday, and a relaxing evening ahead, I decided to do ‘still life’ as my photos for the day and photograph the Owl propaganda.


*House Update* I peeked at the house today and it’s coming along nicely. The roof is on! Well, a tarpaulin type thing – which is reassuring with the weather that we’re having lately! More photos to follow when it reaches the next stage…


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