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So since I last blogged (queue my ‘it’s been a while…’ line…) we have a new addition to the doggy family! Polly has joined us, she’s my sister and her boyfriends puppy and is just eight months old. Rescued from the streets of Romania she’s a tiny little pup, Golden retriever/labrador type dog. Today was her first venture onto the meadow where she met up with Maisy and they had a fab time exploring with Buddy!

It was also the first time out with the ‘proper’ camera in ages – so there are lots of photos to see today!  Plenty of material for 2019’s calendar… Oh and if you’re interested 2018’s calendar is available for purchase… more about that soon! Enjoy…

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“If men liked shopping, they’d call it research.”
― Cynthia Nelms

We braved the crowds and did our Christmas shopping today! It’s satisfying to say we have almost everything done before December…if only a few days before. We got to see the sunrise (courtesy of getting to the shopping centre early) and the sunset when we got home – everything in between is a blur!

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