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When these sails go up
“Mountains fade away,
Stars come back.
I’m finally free,
It’s only the ocean and me.”
~ Jack Johnson

We had  a lovely break on the Isle of Wight a few weekends ago and since returning we’ve hit the ground running with only the occasional moment to look at photos and see what we captured. The break was refreshing, I hadn’t been back for around four years and after spending many a Summer on the Island as a child, a few years off was a bit too long.

As many followers will know, my Grandad died at the end of February. My Grandparents spent many years on the Island and because of them I got to know and love the place like a second home. I know the roads and the views, the photographic opportunities and the best places to go, just as well as I know the very town that I live in.

My Grandma recently made the trip back, the last time she had been was with my Grandad years ago, when he was well. I’m proud of her for going and she visited lots of places that she’d never been to see before, despite living there for years! The Island will always be my get-away place. It’s potentially the most expensive stretch of water to cross around the UK, but for me it’s worth it. Going back brings me closer to my Grandad too – I knew that would happen but didn’t expect it to my quite so strong.

When we arrived, the world slowed down. Even the cars were slower (frustrating at times but it made sense). You could stop and enjoy views of the sea pretty much within every few miles, without worrying about a thing. Parking on the seafront was plentiful, the colour of the sea changed each time you turned another corner and saw another view. It’s beautiful. Just the tonic needed for a bit of a refresh. Back to it with the Wedding Photography now!

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“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius

Week Three is upon us! This week has seen some fascinating weather across the country. We had random hailstorms that sent cars spinning into fences and hedges within just a few seconds of covering the group. Followed by thunder, lightning, sleet and some gale force winds during the night. Throughout the country there was flooding, even some Thundersnow. (A word we seemed to have made up to describe how it snows during a thunderstorm instead of rains…)


The evenings have been cold, windy and rainy. But this evening gave perfect conditions for capturing the night sky above where we live which is currently (thanks to the developers) without any light polluting street lamps. It also gave me a chance to try star photography – never tried it before and it’s on my list of things to achieve this year! So forgive the amateur-ness…



We braved the -1 degree c temperatures and the frost which was settling on the car even fairly early on and headed up to the park which overlooks the house. It’s a great vantage point, and completely pitch black at the moment. It’s also not completely open yet hence the random bits of scaffolding in the shots.



I had to upgrade my Remote Shutter due to the new camera not having the relevant slot anymore! Quite bemusing, but it seems Sony quietly did away with it without telling anyone. However, remote shutters are amazing and this one is no exception if you’re in the market.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KCCLQAY?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00


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