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“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
― John Ruskin

Sun, blue skies, blossoms and water bottles – what more could a Photographer want? (Other than the new Sony A7 that they’re working on a price for right now!!) Wishful thinking aside however, I love this time of year where everything is so vibrant, with or without the sunshine.







I spent a bit of time browsing the ‘Reader’ on WordPress, something that I don’t do nearly enough. So here are a few things that I stumbled across during my browse… Over here, is a fantastic photo blog inspired by a word a week. Sue picks a word each week from the dictionary, and photographs accordingly. To make it even more interesting, she is traveling Africa and so there are some fascinating things to see. Sheila has posted a gorgeous photo of a tulip here, which is beautifully simple – yet lovely and Photography aside, I really enjoyed reading Jamie’s post about growing up in a library. It was nice to stop and read for a while – I’ll be doing that on WordPress more often!

I also wanted to do a brief call out for anyone looking at swapping books, or just needing some new reading material. I have a considerable pile of books that have all been read, and I no longer need! I’d also like to increase the pile of ‘To Read’ books without spending too much money. I’ll post a list shortly but you can mostly see what I’ve got to swap by checking out the Goodreads app on the front page of the blog. Anything I’ve recently read, goes there.

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