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“I’ve got a brand new combine harvester…!”

We were lucky enough to see The Wurzels this evening at a local pub – what a fantastic event! More photos from that tomorrow though – oh apart from this sneak preview! If you don’t know who they are…google them now!

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On the way we passed a lot of Hare’s and so I took the opportunity to get some ‘bonus’ photos of the day as well…

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“And if the music is good, you dance.”

Good news! Today we met our adjoining new neighbours whilst trespassing on our almost-finished property! At least we have something in common already… They seem nice enough and William was brave enough to snap a shot through our kitchen window which meant we were able to see our shiny new vintage-esque kitchen!


Just before we ventured to the house we popped along to Farmfest to get some photos for Andover and Villages. It’s a fantastic day hosted every year at a local farm (Parsonage Farm) and includes lots of craft stalls and food markets along with live music into the evening. The setting is beautiful, and with this cutie on the door to greet you, how can you not resist…. More here.





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