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“The summer days are gone too soon
You shoot the moon and miss completely”
-Norah Jones

In honour of the one hundred day countdown – here’s a second blog entry! That’s right! Two blogs in one day…. I promised some moon shots from the night after the Supermoon and here they are – courtesy of William’s help with settings and all things technical…

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“The Summer Days have gone too soon, shoot for the moon and miss completely…”
~Norah Jones

So it’s not quite December yet – but the month has that sort of Moon that invades sleep. It creeps around the house throughout the night and ends up at about five am pouring light into my window at a certain angle. It’s quite beautiful, regardless.

When the sun rises the moon hangs around for a bit, providing a lovely circle of Orange against a pinky sky. I always remember this happening on Christmas Eve when I was younger, as if I needed any more help NOT sleeping – the excitement was already enough!

Thus I have early shots today, as I fell out of bed, climbed up the stairs with my eyes shut and precariously dangled my camera out of the skylight. It’s becoming something of a habit…

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