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“I never met a Pumpkin I didn’t like…”

We’re out on Friday (Halloween) so Halloween has come early for us! We carved a few pumpkins – nothing as elaborate as last years owl because we didn’t have time, but we got into the spirit of it at least!

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It’s a really foggy misty night and was dark by 5pm which is really strange given it still feels like Summer, so it doesn’t feel like Autumn anymore.

4 3Hopefully we’ll have some kind of internet in Somerrrrrset so the blog challenge can continue and I will be able to post photos of cider, cheese and potentially some Wurzels as that’s where they originate from!

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“Sometimes we need mist to show us there is more than just black and white in the world.”

This morning I’m extra organised, snapping my photos before 7am! I’m blogging whilst embarking on the new experience of eating a square crumpet. It’s very strange, but makes so much more sense in the toaster!

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