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“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Christmas isn’t Christmas without carols. I forget this every year. I get through the first few weeks of December feeling that bit of Christmas sparkle, but nothing more, and I wonder why. Then when I attend a Carol Concert, it all falls into place!





This year was the best Carol Concert I’ve ever been to and it was hosted at the Museum of Army Flying in Middle Wallop. The location itself is stunning. Getting to wander through the museum after hours is a privilege and to be amongst the exhibitions listening to Christmas music is just magical.





This evening we were serenaded by the Middle Wallop Military Wives Choir and St John’s Singers from Salisbury. Both complimented each other fantastically and the program was amazing with some nice surprises to get the Audience participating as well. Mince Pies, Mulled Wine, the setting was perfect and with some carols in the mix it was a great evening.





This was my favourite part though – “Wherever you are.” (Apologies for the blurred video – I was enjoying the music!)



                                       Middle Wallop Military Wives Choir

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“Leave the fireworks for those who cast no spark of their own.”
― Karen Abbott

I’ve been quite cheeky today, I’ve still taken a photo so that I’m within the challenge rules, but I’m instead publishing most of yesterdays shots taken at the firework display. And even a video! I’ve never been able to photograph fireworks, but last night I managed to capture a few albeit a little blurry. I didn’t have a tripod though…


The display happens once a year at the same place in the local town. Thousands of people attend, and luckily the weather was good. Although by the end of the display we could no longer feel our fingers, toes or faces – it was that cold!

The fireworks are set to music, which adds a cute atmosphere to the event, and there was a fairground as well which made it feel more of an event than just having fireworks. Bands and belly dancers performed on stage and there was even a Mr and Mrs Guy Fawkes judging event!

Fireworks night is no longer just one night here in the UK. It stretches on often for weeks. The weekends before and after the 5th of November are full of displays (big ones) and during the week there are often bonfires and smaller displays across the country. It makes for noisy sleeping sometimes!

And, as is mostly always the case after a night of fireworks, it’s raining heavily today. So here’s today’s shot – rain!


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