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“Family; An Anchor during rough waters…”

It has taken me aaaaages to blog these photos! But I couldn’t not share them, eventually. A few weekends ago, when it was ‘The Summer That Lasted a Week’, we wandered down to the Meadow to have a family picnic. It was bliss…

We took a picnic, some cold drinks, a couple of tennis balls and the dogs, who absolutely adored a heatwave break as they jumped in and out of the lakes.

Grandma <3

It only reminded me that we should all take more time out for breaks, for appreciating what’s around us and for enjoying each other’s company without worry or stress. People were missing from the Meadow picnic, but that’s okay. Those who weren’t there in person, were there in memory. I guess that’s something we all need to be reminded of here and there too.

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“In the plains the grass grows tall, since there is no one to cut it.

There is no one to water it either.”
― Vera Nazarian

A while ago, we started to grow a Fuchsia each in memory of a very close family friend that passed away. At her funeral, baby fuchsia’s were given out to all who attended with the request that they plant them, nourish them and let them grow in the memory of our mutual friend and family member. I chose a trailing Fuchsia called ‘Southern Belle.’ It’s got to the stage where it’s ready to be put somewhere – hopefully in the garden of our new house! So today those are my photos. Enjoy!

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