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“Blessed be the Sunshine, for it will stem the flow of life’s anxieties … for a while at least”
― P.A.Davies

I don’t think Americans quite do it in the same way as us Brits…but we do these things called ‘Carboot sales’ from the backs of our cars on sunny afternoons in the countryside – and actually make a fair bit! It’s a good few years since we did a sale though, so I had forgotten how much people are on you the minute you arrive and start unloading the car (and that’s before the visitors have even arrived!)

photo 1

A pitch at our local weekly carboot sale costs just £7 for a car – so we took two in and had a van as well and we came away with a nice tidy £324 split between three couples. It was pretty good! There is a lot leftover to sort out though, bric a brac and bits like that, but all in all we didn’t do too badly.

photo 2 photo 3photo 4

The weather was gorgeous – still is in fact, and I’m determined to enjoy the rest of it with a book and a bit of studying later on. Oh and perhaps a game or two of ‘Sequence’ – anyone ever heard of that one? (Photo taken last night)


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