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My favourite place, this side of the water anyway, is Coombe Gibbett. I’ve written about it before, yearly if not more because it’s a place to go to blow away the cobwebs. It did not disappoint me yesterday and the views were absolutely stunning.

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It was Maisy’s first outing there as well and her first (probably) look at a real life Pheasant. She wasn’t too impressed…


The Buzzards were soaring and calling to each other and they ended up putting on a display swooping to land and tumbling through the air. Very tricky to photograph but here are a few…



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Then the sunset when we got home was almost as perfect..


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“Sunday, the day for the language of leisure.”
― Elfriede Jelinek

Finally, the house is complete. There is a dog curled up at my feet whilst I am writing this blog and it’s exactly what was needed once Buddy had returned home a few weeks ago! Maisy has settled in incredibly well, we are in the Honeymoon period…but so far so good. Having a dog means that not only is there a great excuse to get the camera out to take photographs of her…


But also there’s more incentive to go out walking in the evening and take the camera with me to get some shots. The sunset, after a day (maybe even weeks) of rain, was breath-taking.

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