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“Winter is putting footsteps in the meadow.”
-Roman Payne

We had one more day off today to see how Buddy and Maisy would manage on the meadow together – and they loved it. It gave me another chance to get out and get some nature photographs aswell, which has been long overdue. We had a good frost last night and the temperature has dropped today – not to the -7 degrees that some of the newspapers though it would be great to advertise! The melting frost, mist and early morning dew combined to make a wonderful landscape just begging to be photographed…

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“Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

It has been a while! Rest assured though I have been venturing eyes wide open into all things photography. The 1st of December saw me setting up my portable studio at a baby fayre with lots of shiny Christmas props – we got a couple of shoots in and some subsequent bookings afterwards which was great and made it all worthwhile. I’ve also taken a look at my blog stats and realised that there are now over 600 of you lovely people following it! That’s pretty amazing..


I have the Birthday party of twins this weekend to attend and take some photographs of, after photographing their christening a few weeks ago – plus I just finished a PR shoot at a care home that was booked rather last minute on Friday. I’ve got Wedding bookings coming out of my eyes next year and all in all, Photography is ticking over nicely.


So when do I get time to take some photographs for myself? Today! I arrived a little early at the PR shoot so decided to venture around the back of the care home to a road called ‘The Middleway.’ It basically runs through the middle of beautiful countryside. The scenes and the time of day were absolutely fabulous.


I also took a couple of shots of my snow globe, it’s rather awesome! It’s huge, most likely bigger than it looks in the photographs and it snows amazingly when you press a button. All in all, it’s the bestest snow globe in the world! I collect snow globes, it hasn’t got to the hoarding stage yet but I’m teetering on the edge especially after getting TWO this year. Nevertheless, it’ll make for some more Christmassy Photography over the next few days.


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