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“No day is safe from news of you.”
― Sylvia Plath

I casually decided to buy the local newspaper today, something which I rarely do now that I help out with getting the news out there a lot more quickly at Andover and Villages. But imagine my surprise when I saw that a photograph I popped out to snap late last Saturday had made it to the front page with a full credit (the newspaper are usually quite bad at that) to both myself and Andover and Villages!

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The Carnival last week was a huge success by most accounts, but unfortunately three were injured on one of the rides during it, reports suggest all are recovering or recovered, but it was still a bit of a shock for our quiet sleepy town where the top news before was about the theft of grass seeds…


So for today, I took some photos of the news and a sunset shot. Oh and we went down to the coast this evening to browse IKEA and get the mattress ordered for our bed! It was quite disturbing to walk through the childrens area and find this…

4 5


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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston Churchill

Such an exciting day!  I popped onto facebook mid-morning to see if there was any talk of uni results and lo and behold, they were out! Hands shaking so much , I logged into the Uni website which took forever and scrolled down to my results… I got the Level Two and Level Three passes for this double year that I needed to get my 2.1… Officially, I now own a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Policy and Criminology 2.1!!!!!!!


So after that amazing news, we then battled a bit more with the house builders to finally get them to announce dates for completion and they confirmed that we should be able to have our ‘new home demonstration’ next Thursday and collect the keys!  We couldn’t resist a very quick peek…

2 3

We had a celebratory dinner at The Harvester in honour of exam results and the end of four long years of self study and self motiviation. Sadly on the way we passed a car fire, hoping that everyone got out okay and it seems they did, but the below was snapped by William!


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