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“Hi! I’m Ethan, I shop at Ikea. I bought a $300 dining suite and it took me three days to assemble!”
― Douglas Coupland

Ikea in the sunshine, is blinding. It’s already bright and yellow enough on a dull day but today it was even more dazzling! The photos are few and far between today as we’ve been very busy and the weather (although wonderful) has slowed me down with hayfever. We came home from a hard mornings shopping to find the smell of chocolate muffins filled the house, so I took some photos of those too just for something different.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 1

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“We need to make sure that we never get too busy with life that we don’t have time to live.”
― Daniel Willey

Ikea!  A place where you can get lost for hours and you forget that there is actual daylight outside. We found this when we grabbed a spare half an hour to have a wander – and it turned into two! I took the opportunity to grab my photographs there, not because I wasn’t going to take any others for the rest of the day but because I can’t actually share what I’ve taken. Today has actually been very busy with two photoshoots fitted in, which is something I’ve not yet had to do!

photo 2 (3)photo 1 (3)

I photographed a shop in the local town that an company wanted photograph for their portfolio and then want on to photograph a family who were having get together locally. Luckily the weather was amazing for both, which was very useful.

photo 4 (3)

However! Today the photographs are IKEA, whilst I process the rest and I doubt many will be interested in photographs of shop fronts…! If you are interested in photoshoots though, the family one has been done and can be viewed here. Oh and we found the most genius beside table today…

photo 3 (3)

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