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“In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.”
― Ben Aaronovitch

When we got up this morning it was still -4C outside – and this was at eight am! The only thing for it was to head out with the camera and get some shots, and I’m pretty glad that we did. It was absolutely freezing but completely worth it. Only one day left of the challenge after today but I’ve fallen in love with Photography all over again!

12 11 10

Today we revisted ‘The Bunnies.’ The hut is completely restored now and although there is a little bit of caution tape around it (not sure why) it looks good and almost identical to the previous one. It was great to get some shots again, it’s an iconic feature of the Hampshire landscape around these parts.

9 8 7

The Bunnies is one of my favourite locations, it’s nearly always been on my route to work wherever I’ve worked in the past and I often go for my daily dose of calm. Just minutes away from major roads and motorways, it’s a peaceful little haven that I absolutely adore.

5 4 3

And this last shot below was a lucky chance shot on the way home – they were too far away to capture properly but I’m still happy with the result. Don’t look too closely, telegraph poles and wires have been removed…!



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“The heart can get really cold if all you’ve known is winter.”
― Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Sometimes, it takes longer to find a quote for the day, than it does to take a photograph or two and edit them!


Our Christmas tree went outside on the first of January when the rest of the decorations were taken down. Since then we haven’t had a frost – until today. With reports that it has been snowing in Cornwall comes the realization that our weather is becoming very much ‘Day after tomorrow’ orientated.


For now though, we have a break from the rain until the next batch sets in – so again, something simple for todays photographs – but something that kept us festive for the past two weeks too. I return to work tomorrow, so this challenge will become a little more…challenging!



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