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Dear blog followers, it has been a while. My last post was in June and that was to share photos from a holiday in April! Well much has happened since June and once again there are many photographs to share. The biggest thing that happened is – WE MOVED! On the 19th July we left our first home together and embarked on a new journey into what we’re pretty sure is our forever home.

We moved into our first home three years ago, almost to the day that we moved out in fact! It was a beautiful little two bedroom house with a garden, brand new, with lots of delightful snags, but it was home. The house saw endless BBQ’s, film nights, tears, laughter and more. And yet…we don’t feel even a tiny bit nostalgic. We drove past at the weekend on our way to deliver some bits to a friend on the estate and we saw our house and…we felt odd. I felt like we left it months ago! Years ago even!

The new house is just beautiful – we are incredibly lucky. It was left in a stunning condition, all we needed to do was turn some of the back garden from patio into grass. Which has also now been done! We’ve been in just over a month and the boxes are unpacked, the pictures are hung and it feels like home. We have four beautiful bedrooms which we’ve turned into a Guest Room, Office and Hobby Room (as well as our own master bedroom), three bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen with a breakfast room attached, living room and tiny little garden room (also known as a porch!)

Maisy has settled well – she moved out to my parents pre-move for a few days and then came the day after we’d moved in. She’s getting used to wooden floors (we have rugs but not enough!) and not knowing where we are because there are more than three main rooms now! She was pleased when we had the grass put down and spent a few hours laying on it and sunning herself.

I also started a blog – just for book reviews. This was so that I could get my review profile on the map enough to be chosen to review books for NetGalley. And it worked! I now have the opportunity to review books for free, so far I have quite a pile ready to be read and many that I’ve already enjoyed. If you’re interested then head over to Tea Leaves and Reads.

So what has been going on in YOUR world? Any triumphs? How has Summer been? Has the weather been just as awful for you as it has been here…? We’ve not really had Summer and we’re moving into Autumn, which is beautiful but a bit too chilly for me these days! That ‘Back to school’ feeling is in the air, as I finish up my first year of University… more on that later…!

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β€œIt was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”
― Maud Hart Lovelace

This year is going so fast. Is it just me or does everyone else feel it too? I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through it already, but it’s true. Scary. The last post I wrote was about Lands End at the end of May and our trip to Cornwall. A few days after that we jetted off up to the Lake District for another Wedding…

6morn 6


There was barely a moment to spare for any kind of exploring due to the journey taking eight hours or so, but our hotel was right on Lake Windermere so I was able to get a few decent shots – the area is beautiful and such a change from the ‘Flatness’ of the South of England!

3morn 3 1morn

And then of course there was the Wedding…which was Stunning!

1church 1confetti dance

And of course, because we are Wedding Photographers and we weren’t there to Photograph the Wedding (yay!), we enjoyed the Photobooth – had to really!


We had some issues before we went, with Maisy trying to dig her way out of the hallway. She was pretty good too and had lifted a lot of the carpet, chewing it into little pieces at the same time. So we made the executive decision to get ourselves some tiling done, and the results were amazing actually…

IMG_5499 IMG_5495 IMG_5487

I suppose in a way, my iPhone is becoming more and more the camera that I rely on. Not for the official stuff or the adventures and walks, but for everyday bits and pieces. I thought I would mind, but actually I don’t! The garden is blooming and considering this time last year it was this…

2 copy 4 3 copy 5 copy 4 photo copy 2

It now looks like this…

IMG_5555 IMG_5527


A garden, however small, is still a bit of work and we didn’t quite realise we would be so specific about getting the weeds up, trimming the edges and watching everything grow. But it’s amazing, and the runner beans should be ready very soon! We’ve had lazy days, evenings with the Chiminea lit, visits with Grandad who is still in Hospital, shots that have been photobombed by Maisy and of course, the old faithful ‘home’ sunsets that I miss but still grab here and there…

5 3 2



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