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“If you want to give yourself a fair chance to succeed, never expect too much too soon”
― Po Bronson

Watermelon…  I know there are a few people who will jump on the ‘Don’t feed your dog x because it will kill him’ wagon. But Watermelon is actually okay for dogs especially dogs like Buddy who don’t hydrate themselves least of all in the warm weather we’ve been having. I think he nommed happily on a slice of Watermelon a few years ago – but this year the idea of the red and green fruit scared the hell out of him.




Last night we visited our house to see if there was any progress, and in doing so witnessed a burglary of some of the building sites materials!  It’s a huge site, there will be over 1200 homes eventually so there is lots of machinery and materials in enclosures around the area so it’s unsurprising that someone may try their luck. We were looking at the back of our house (for the first time!) since they moved the fences a little further down the hill and I spotted two guys loading materials over the gates in the compound in the distance. There was a woman in a car along with the two guys (who were on push bikes) and so we decided to take a few photos and phone the police whilst following them for a better description. Sadly, I didn’t have my proper camera with me – so no shots of the number plate! That was our little bit of drama for the evening anyway. Now to enjoy the rest of the longest day!

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